• eLibrary Creator is a full-featured eLibrary software solutioneLibrary Creator is an out-of-the-box solution comprising all features you need to publish an eLibrary and work with it using eLibrary reader(freeware): an up-to-date engine supporting eLibraries up to 1 TB in size. 
  • Classic, but customization Interface - neither you nor your clients will not experience any problem with the interface - we used a classic interface of Outlook. The tree with your files on the middle. However, nothing can prevent you from changing an eLibrary display styles if necessary. 
  • Use tree structure to manage files in eLibrary - It has a familiar Windows Explorer, display styles can be changed by the end user.
  • File’s details: Cover Image, Title, ISBN, Author, Publisher, Year, Pages, Synopsis, Comments, Rating etc...
  • Searching in eLibrary for files - Search files in eLibrary to get desired file with keyword and result will be displays with list of resultant file in left side pane of the program window.
  • ·Auto Generated Reports for Printing: File Information, eLibrary Manuals.
  • ·Inbuilt Readers - to work with file in eLibrary user need not to install any readers all supported files in eLibrary open/play with inbuilt readers.