eLibrary Creator Upgrade Policy

As soon as you purchase any of the eLibrary Creator editions (further edition), you become a registered user and are entitled to receive free updates for new versions of the edition for the period of one year from the moment of purchase. The given period of one year from the moment of purchase is called a period of free updates.

After the period of free updates has expired, all updates should be paid for. The cost of an update is a subject to change and depends on the current cost of the latest version of the product and the amount of the upgrade discount.

Using free update for a new version does not prolong the period of free updates.

Purchasing one edition of eLibrary Creator does not entitle you to get free updates for other editions. However, registered users may be allowed a discount on more expensive editions.Here version updates will be announced of this product, if you want to get in touch with updates, subscribe to posts!

Version 4.0

posted Mar 18, 2014, 1:31 AM by Somannagari Venugopal   [ updated Mar 18, 2014, 8:27 AM ]

20th March 2014

We are happy to announcing about new release of eLibrary Creator and eLibrary Reader with major updates. These software programs for windows all platforms. Especially designed to publish eLibraries (*.ero) with anti-pirate capabilities. Published eLibraries are accessible with eLibrary Reader (Freeware). It is the complete solution about to sale or distributes content files by making elibraries.

eLibrary Creator 2014 - It enables to publish a single file elibrary(*.ero) with group of your files with great ease. Strong piracy security is the key feature, where published eLibraries can be encrypted with End User Activation System which allows using authorized clients only"

Key Features

·         Wizard for step by step development

·         Batch Importing import group of files in one go!

·         Publishing with encrypted to licensing per PC for Anti Piracy!

·         Inbuilt eBook Viewer (.pdf, .chm, .djvu, .mobi, .xps, .cbz and .cbr) - No need to install ebook readers like Adobe Reader.

·         Inbuilt Player - Audio (.mp3, .wma, .wav and .mid) Video (.avi, .mpg and .wmv) Flash (.swf) files.

·         Propagandize by social networks (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter) with ease.

·         Fully customizable appearance.

·         Locking some or more files for unlock to buy or unlock on schedule.

·         Max eLibrary size 1 TB and Max file size to load into eLibrary is 250 MB!


To Whom

For Authors, Writers, Publishers, Visual tutorial makers, eLearning content makers, Professors, Teachers, Mentors, Educational Organizations and those who want to sell or distribute eLibraries to their students or clients. Their content files like eBooks (Study materials /Audio books / Video tutorials) by making e Libraries. They can add their own files and also downloaded files, from various public domains into eLibrary.


·         Authors/writers/publishers - they can create eLibraries with their ebooks/audiobooks to publish single file eLibrary(.ero) to sale or distribute to their clients.

·         Professors/Teachers/Mentors - they can publish eLibraries with their study materials / video tutorials / flash quizzes / audio books to sale distribute to their students.

·         Educational Organizations - can publish eLibraries to their students to prepare at offline, they can create eLibraries with course study materials like, subject notes / video tutorials/ flash quizzes / test papers / sample papers/ audio books.

·         Music publisher / music organizers - they can publish music eLibraries with their music files or collections to sale or distribute to their clients.

·         Video publisher / Video Organizers - they can publish video eLibraries with their video files or collections to sale or distribute to their clients.

System Requirements - To work with eLibrary you won’t need to install additional software, Supported OS - All Windows(x86/x64) Platforms. Hardware - 128 MB RAM or Above, Processor 1 GHz or Above.

Purchase at $ 111 USD Only - Now this product can be purchased with our company's eStore at
www.shop.svicindia.com or from various ecommerce partners!

Download trial - At various service providers like, Brothersoft, Download.com, Softpedia, Softonic or from the product website for
direct download.

Awards - Product own received many editors’ choice awards and many 5 star awards.

What's New in v4.0?

New - Fully Customizable Appearance
Now every corner appearance can be customizable with Appearance option in Design Menu!

New - Side Pane as Media Player
Now Right side file information pane also customizable and it is new in this version!

New - Wizard to step by step development
eLibrary development processes now become ease with Wizard option in Design Menu!

New - File Editor!
New and separated window for editing file’s information in the eLibrary project, here everything about file can be set, just like synopsis of the file or other parameters.

Improved Interface
Accessing eLibrary become easier, fast and best looking. 

Improved File Locking (RRK System)
RRK Locking files system now easy understandable, university professors will enjoy this for unlocking tutorial files by their students by asking professor for unlock key, then professors ensure students progress.

Improved Publishing (*.ero)
The final process of developing project by publish, this is now improved.

Improved Build Manager
Build manage now become clear and accessible.

Minor Updates & Removed Features

Minor Updates 

  • Now works in x64 bit Windows too! 
  • Now you can add two videos on home page! 
  • Google+ URL addable in about project and author! 
  • Error message at closing bug fixed! 
  • Now works in Windows 8.1! 
  • Improved working speed of eLibrary engine! 

Removed Unpopular Features 

  • Removed RRK Save to Disk feature! 
  • Removed Pop-up Media Player 
  • Removed USB Dongle Encryption 
  • Removed Gadget Pane 
  • Removed View Menu 
  • Removed eLibrary Maintenance (no need to optimization) 
  • Removed Hot backup (now large sized eLibrary opens very fast) 
  • Removed Some Audio and Video formats - (3gp, mp4, mov, amr and acc) 
  • Removed Tool bars from home page and browsing window! 
  • Removed commenting and rating files!

Version 3.0

posted Oct 12, 2013, 6:41 AM by Somannagari Venugopal

New version 3.0 released on 10-Aug-2013.

Unlimited eLibrary Size - With our new engine it’s possible to create eLibrary of any size. The size of a eLibrary is limited only by your storage device.

New formats included and built in readers - New formats for ebook are included ePub, djvu, mobi, xps, cbr, cbz, are supported now, with inbuilt viewer (no need to install ebook readers ex: Adobe Reader)

Pop-up Player for watch multiple instances at once - Now eLibrary user can read/watch more than one file at a time; this feature makes research people more comfortable by comparing or preparing more books at a time

Home Templates and Listing Color styles (full customization) - Now you can deploy eLibrary with professional look by setting templates and listing color for the project, besides all the appearance already improved. Gadgets pane customization.

End user Activation System for Licensing per PC - One more piracy solution for published eLibrary(.ero). already USB Dongle security exist; the end user activation system decrease the distribution cost of the eLibrary(.ero); End user activate the project to the unique PC, this is PC based licensing system.

Debugger - Finding bugs and resolving it now easy with debugger, before publishing eLibrary author must check for bugs with debugger and it reports bugs and makes it resolve with great ease.

Build Manager - eLibrary Creator 2013 tracks all builds to your project and you can easily check who and when has been purchased your eLibrary(.ero). And it will use for generate End User Activation Key to the end user licensing (per PC), USB Dongles Keys and RRK List for the unique build. This all feature are useful for managing customers and distributing license keys or unlock keys.

My Research Notes (Inbuilt Notepad) - With version 3.0 inbuilt notepad for making notes by the end user. all the notes can be stored in eLibrary(.ero). this feature helpful for research people who want to record notes while reading/viewing eLibrary(.ero).

Right side information pane and view main menu - The right side information pane allows view info about the file and view menu used to set appearance like on/off toolbar, status bar, gadget pane and fonts for the project appearance.

Save to Disk Feature in RRK Security System - Save to Disk feature for sale individual files like stock images, codes, templates, clips, source files and software - allow us to lock files to save to disk, this feature completely make disable if you don't want, this feature works for some files which author want to sale individual files to end user, if end user want to save in computer files like software, stock images, codes, templates and any other digital file, the end user unable to save the file to the disk but pop-up window ask to end user to buy the file, after buy, the end user will get the RRK by the publisher/author then end user need to unlock the file and file will avail to save to disk.

Auto - Generated end user guide at publishing eLibrary(.ero) - The end user guide is the document about the eLibrary(.ero) in this document what is this eLibrary, how to use, content of eLibrary topics will help to the end user, this makes to author/publisher stress less about end user support. This document will be auto generated and published with eLibrary(.ero) for this author/publisher need not do anything extra.

Minor Updates · Appearance and access of eLibrary now become more easy; ·Project information form for describe about the eLibrary and Publisher; ·Improved Importing files; ·Improved RRK Security System; ·Improved USB Dongle Encryption; ·PNG images format is fully supported now; ·Not open bug in some computers fixed; ·Some unwanted features are removed.

Version 2.1

posted Jan 12, 2013, 8:59 PM by Somannagari Venugopal

Release 2.1 with major updates!
Published by SVIC-INDIA in UPDATES • 6/6/2012 3:48:41 PM
What's new in version 2.1?
  • Batch files Importing Wizard: To import group of files in one go! Instead of adding one after another you can use Batch files Importing Wizard! It allows you to import up to 1000 files into eLibrary in one go!
  • eLibrary Configure wizard!: Now you can configure your eLibrary with step by step, Titling eLibrary, RRK Installation, Encrypting with (N) USB Dongles and customize your eLibrary like how should look, what features to available to the end-user that can be setup. 
  • Unlimited USB Dongles can be encrypted with an eLibrary! Improved USB LKD Licensing system!
  • After RRK Installation also user can add some files and make them RRK without changing previously installed RRKs!
  • Publishing Wizard: Easy publishing with wizard, like, Licensed to: enter licensee (Client) details of your client, Check list: it shows what are the parameters you missed and re-setup those missed parameters then you can Publish: Now you can publish eLibrary in My Documents\My eLibraries\your eLibrary title\ folder: with 3 files, 1. your eLibrary (.ero), 2. eLibrary Reader Software, 3. Autorun.ini file. So, you can burn these 3 files in CD/DVD/USB Disk to distribute to your client.
  • Customers' Manager: Now you can manage your clients, with contact details and RRK Doc will be recorded in each publish. So the particular users' RRK Doc will be finding with License code! Manage Money, Prints Reports!
  • Auto-Activation System: Now eLibrary Creator can be downloading from various websites! That's free! But to make full version eLibraries just you can order Auto-Activation file!
  • Quick time video and audio formats included: Now you can add files types like, MOV, MP4, 3GP, AMR, MID and ACC. 
  • Grabbing Google Docs from internet to eLibrary: Direct download Google docs or internet docs into eLibrary!
  • Embedding YouTube videos: Internet hosted video can be embedded into eLibrary! Not download videos into eLibrary, but you can play from host in your eLibrary! 
  • Customized layouts and Single home mode: You can hide folder tree completely to your clients instead of that your client your Single home mode!
  • Small display style added: Now new Small folder display style added!
  • Stop current playing media button on tools bar.
  • Rating file with color codes (Yellow).
  • Improved Media player with Image and details.
  • Alert notice box in right down corner.

Version 1.5

posted Jan 12, 2013, 8:51 PM by Somannagari Venugopal   [ updated Jan 12, 2013, 8:52 PM ]

New release of  eLibrary Creator 1.5
Published by SVIC-INDIA in UPDATES • 4/30/2011 12:31:47 PM
New release of eLibrary Creator 1.5

What’s new?
  • Now you can encrypt with more than one USB Dongles for each eLibrary.
  • ‘Show welcome screen at start up eLibrary’ new feature added.
  • Improved accessibility features in encrypting and settings.
  • Author image poster image field added.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

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